Wednesday, 26 May 2010

home sweet home

ours is a 1-storey, 2-bedroom, semi-detached apartment in a 6-house compound. in the other apartments live other teachers from my school. including donato and i, 4 couples and 2 singles.

the garden is huge and we have (or certainly have had at some stages) a thriving vegetable patch. our 2 gardeners, marco and humphrey work hard to grow all things green - we have all kinds of lettuce and cabbage - especially the varieties they like (our staff quite often take home bags full of veg they know we don't eat). we've never had much success with anything red. apart from chillies - more on those later.

when we arrived the house was white-washed inside. the luminescent strip lights and rose-print curtains throughout complemented the hospital touch. after sticking it out for a few months, we decided to repaint and now we only have white walls in the kitchen - something to remind the house of its past and how far it's come.

it took me a while but i eventually got donato to put up some paintings and decorations we bought around town so it's finally looking like a home.

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